All You Need to Know About Celebrity Usage of Instagram and TikTok

Instagram and TikTok give their users platforms to show their content. They may include interacting with followers, boosting businesses, among others. Here is how celebrities such as Jason Butler Harner and other top brand owners get more views on these platforms.

How Celebrities Maintain Popularity via Instagram Stories

Maintaining one's popularity on Instagram is much easier if you hold some hacks. This will help you increase popularity and promote products through Instagram stories. Read through the article for more information.

1. Post New Content on Stories

Your followers need to view new content every time they click on a story. To engage them and attract new viewers, post a variety of products or pictures every time. If you do not know how to go about that, try posting new ideas and designs that come to your mind. This way, you get more views.

2. Use Hashtags

The hashtag is another feature anyone can use to get views. Location hashtags on Instagram are one of the best ways of doing this to increase viewership. Use popular hashtags to capture a wider audience.

3. Share The Stories

After posting a story, you can also share it through 'Direct Messages' on Instagram. To do this, you can create a group and send the story to the group members using the deck's share button. You can also send stories to individuals. Either way, by sharing them with other people, you get more views.

4. Do Live Sessions

A live session is where you host a live video for your followers to view. Live sessions are easier to find as they come before the stories in the stories panel. Doing these sessions keeps your viewers engaged and attracts new requests.

Hacks to Get More Views on Your TikTok Videos

TikTok started recently and is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. It has millions of users and different kinds of content that you may like. Celebrities have taken advantage and are using it to keep their followers entertained. Here are tips on how they are gaining more followers and views on TikTok.

1. Add Hashtags to Videos

The best trick is to use trending hashtags each time you post any video. Use location tags to capture an audience from a specific geographical location. These tags are easy to find. Visit celebrity profiles and use the most recent tags.

2. Collaborate

Most celebrities use this to attract more views. Doing videos with other users increases the chance of attracting their followers. Use the duet feature to display your videos and that of others.

3. Post Frequently

If you visit most celebrity profiles, you notice that they make posts regularly. The advantage of doing this is that some of your videos might end up on the 'for you' page. If your content appears on the page, it attracts new followers and viewers. The 'for you' page promotes relevant videos to other users not following you.


Instagram stories and TikTok videos are a great way of interacting with your followers. They provide an opportunity for a wider audience reach. Follow the steps above to increase your content's individual views and gain more followers.